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- it's nice having you around, you are now virewing the shrine/fanlisting dedicated to Mr. Spock from Star Trek Series and Movies.
This site is full of unmarked spoliers so be aware that you can stumble upon them without knowing it.

This shrine and fanlisting is dedicated to one of the icon characters from the Star Trek universe, and probably also one of the most loved characters from Sci-fi, I would call him also a icon character. While the fanlisting is owned by Dragoneyes, Hakka and Saya, the shrine that is coming slowly up is worked on by Dragoneyes and Saya.

The shrine will try to show all aspects of Spock, from both series, and movies, and even the newest Spock from the last movie that came out in 2009. It will be a big chalgenge to try and write everything we can. And this is a fan made site, so if you don't agree with us... just go away... LLAP!

~ Saya x Dragoneyes x Hakka x 30th May 2010 x Amassment~


2nd August 2010 - the shrine is up
30th May 2010 - re-aranging the extra pege
7th May 2010 - The first beginings working on shrine - rearanging the index page and fanlist page.
28th November 2009 - approved

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